Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Yet More Dwarves!!!!

More Dwarf firepower, they love their guns! This time Blunderbuss......really don't know how to do stats on these for Hail Caesar Fantasy or Hail Sauron as it is being called now!
They will obviously move as infantry but probably shout at Light Artillery ranges with arquebus factors and will not be allowed to shoot and move due to loading time.

Ok the latest addition to my Dwarf army, three pieces of Dwarf engineering to blast their foes to their own vile gods!
Not sure if these would be light or medium artillery but they sure will pack a punch!

They are Demonworld miniatures, now re released by Ral Patha Europe and I am very happy to see them once more. The models are very well done and a joy to paint.

Three banks of multiple barrels ensures a continuous stream of lead flying at the enemy and they can keep up with infantry to!
More multi barrel madness, this time a mobile gun platform that can in any direction every round and still march with the foot!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Empire of the Blazing Sun Supports!

Two more squadrons join the ranks of Al Cox's Dystopian fleet. Destroyers to add some extra firepower and the diminutive escorts to protect his capital ships from roaming bands of tiny flyers. We shall see how well they work when he get's them on the table.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Reinforcements For The Empire of the Blazing Sun

The latest addition to Allan Cox's(Plymouth Association of Wargamers) Dystopian Wars Fleet. Again a wonderful model from Spartan Games, very well detailed and molded model. A dream to paint.
I have also done some Destroyers and Escorts for Al's fleet, pictures to come...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

FOW Soviet Heavy Mortars

To add some close in heavy support we have a company of heavy mortars, these four tubes will provide a nasty shock for the German invader when they dare to take more soil from the motherland!!

Command Team and FOOs
Heavy Mortar Section
Not sure if I put the models the correct way on the base??? Too late now!

Dystopian Wars Prussian Luftwaffer!

The pride of the Prussian Luftwaffer an Imperial Airship carrier.
It is an awesome model and a pleasure to paint.
It has seen the field of battle one and although the Prussians came second the carrier made it through ok.

The airship.

The flight deck.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Sorry I have not been on for a while it is due to real life, work and family getting in the way.

I am back painting and I intend to update soon......cheers

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hail Caesar Fantasy Dwarves

Ok Guys, bare with me as this will be the first time I have worked out stats and special abilities for fantasy units in Hail Caesar.
As promised I will post the pictures of the units and their 'provisional' stats on the blog. If you have any comments or think I have messed up in some way please do let me know. I have used special rules by 'Steve' and a points system from 'Keith', both of whom you will find regularly posting on the Hail Caesar Yahoo Group. Thanks guys.
This is one of the reasons I think Hail Caesar will be great for fantasy and just what I am looking for in a mass battle set of rules, can't wait for the 12'+ table full of 15mm fantasy!!!

Warriors with double handed weapons
Warriors DH Wpns
MoveClash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 8 7 2/0 0 4+ 6 Double Handed Drilled Stubbon 41

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 3 3 2 2 6+ 4 Crossbow Skirmishers 18
Small Unit

The Hellbore
It is treated as Light Artillery in all respects except that it has the ability to fire in any direction. Makes sense really!

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 1 1 2 2 6+ 3 Light Artillery Fire in any direction 15


Now the Blunderbuss unit represents the pinnacle of Dwarf firearms. They are a foot unit, with weapons that have the range of Light Artillery and marksman behind the trigger!! They could be lethal!

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 2 2 3 3 6+ 3 Small Unit Marksman Light Artillery Ranges 22

Sunday, 31 July 2011

15mm Fantasy

Sorry for the delay the real world and work have interrupted my postings. Here are just some 'action' scenes from the Black Powder fantasy game we had many weeks ago.
Since then I have had my first game of Hail Caesar and really enjoyed it, I feel it will transfer well to the fantasy mass battle field, I should not be surprised by this due to it's origins and author!

In future posts I will put up pictures of my latest fantasy project, 15mm Dwarves and also add the HC stats I have come up with. As always comments are welcome and any thought on the stats would be appreciated.

The Goblins go in, a strong line of giant spiders supported by the goblins best infantry. Unfortunately they never actually made it in to contact with the enemy so they have yet to test their metal or should that be fur!!
This was the scene on the Orc and Goblins' right flank, the mosquitos came out of the woods, they were surprisingly effective! But they should be as the models are lovely! lol
The village was one of the objectives in this game, fliers could not 'occupy' the village but it gave the Uruk Hai food for thought!
As above but from my glorious Uruk Hai side!!

Last pic shows the Warg Riders (Eureka minis from Fighting 15s, lovely!!) charge home against the skeleton line. This was a successful action giving the Wargs plenty of fresh bones to chew on in celebration.

That's all folks! Next fantasy battle report will be using Hail Caesar rules!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Clash Of Evil, The Skeletons!

Here we have the skeleton hordes that Al used against me. They used to belong to me but I sold them on when my other 15mm Fantasy armies began to take over.
They are a mix of Essex and Ral Patha, I am not sure who makes the bohemoths but they are nice.

The cavalry backed by two bohemoths, a powerful right flank. The figures are from both manufacturers.
The infantry centre supported by fliers, the fliers are old GW I think? The infantry are Essex and may be Tin Soldier?
A better view of the bohemoths.
The right side of the field.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Clash of Evil!!

Remember when I refer to rules, etc, we were using a modified version of Warlord's Black Powder. In future we will use a version of Warlords Hail Caesar. As I finish future units and show them here I will be putting up there HC stats and special rules.

Ok the great horde of Orcs and Goblins gather to smash the Undead into dust!!

This is the first time that my Orcs and Goblins had taken the field and they look pretty good even if I do say so myself.

Above we have two units of Demonworld Spider riders with a skirmish screen of Kallistra Orc bow, now the Kallistra are 10mm but work great for 15mm Goblins!
A special rule was give to spiders in that they did not become disrupted when going through woods, I just thought it made sense.
Demonworld Mosquetos! A great model and something a little different. I did not really give these flying rules I just made them immune to terrain effects. So these were nice fast 'mounted' skirmishers.
Now this wee beastie is impressive!! GIANT SPIDERS!!! Enough to give any hero arachnophobia.......
These are made by Demonworld, and are lovely. The GOOD NEWS, Ral Patha Europe have bought the molds and are going to re release the ranges!! More spiders may be?
Or may be not?? Is 3 enough? Now due to the size of the model they are actually based on 120mm frontages. When I do the stats for HC I think I will have to take that into account as potentially they will be fighting more than one foe at a time.
Finally for this part, the 'White Hand' contingent, made by Eureka and sold in the UK by Fighting 15s. Again these are great models and almost identical to the LotR film portrayal of Urhi Khai. Here we have a phalanx of 3 units! A lovely sight, enough to warm any despots heart!!
The phalanx was ably assisted by a unit of Xbow and a giant, we all know it is a GW LotR Cave Troll but in this scale they make impressive giants.

More to follow...........

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Clash Of Evil!!

At last, after a very long brake I finally got to play one of my real passions in wargaming, 15mm Fantasy Mass Battle. Al, from PAW and I played out a game involving Orcs and Goblins on my side and Undead on his.

We used an adaptation of Black Powder which has been given out on their Yahoo Group. It was developed for Lord of the Ring and Warmaster so we had to juggle the stats slightly.

The game was fought on an 8ft x 4ft table with quite large armies.
One of the appeals of fantasy battle is the sheer size and scope of the armies that you can. As you will see in later pictures the armies were quite large.
These two pictures just show the initial deployment of the two battle lines. In the next post we will get a little closer the combatants.

Friday, 17 June 2011

FOW Polish Support Weapons

Ok, and the final lot to help Nigel's poor infantry are the support weapons.

37mm Anti Tank Guns

Mortar Paltoon
HMG Platoon

Well that is all for now for the Poles but Nigel has promised me that I will be getting his brave Polish cavalry soon!
Watch this space.

Polish 75mm Light Guns

More guns for the brave Poles, this time two batteries of 75mm's. I marked the difference by placing the limbers on opposite sides of the base, simple but effective.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

FOW Polish 100mm Light Howitzers

Ok the individual models where shown earlier but here they are now as an assembled battery. he is doing the basing himself so that it matches the rest of his army.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

15mm Black Orcs

Black Orcs

Ok as some of you will know and as I say on this blog my long time love is 15mm Fantasy Mass Battle!. So why has it taken so long for me to paint any..........well I did do some Dwarves last year (I will put pictures up).

So here is the start of my 2011 offering to the hordes of fantasy. These are Blood Dawn Orcs, sold in the UK by Magister Militum.

These miniatures are on the larger side of 15mm, more like 18mm and very chucky but I think that adds to the appeal. They just said 'Black Orc' to me so that is how I will represent them.

These guys will actually be getting an outing in a couple of weeks. they will be taking on Al's Undead in a 'Black Magic' game. This is a new thing for us and is simply a few additions to Warlord's Black Powder. It is free on the Yahoo Group and looks good fun.

What we are really aiming for is using Warlord's, well Rick Priestly's Hail Caesar ancient rules that have just come out. The same guy who wrote the Black Magic additions has started on Hail Caesar so hopefully it will not be long and finally my vast fantasy armies will be dusted off and the field of battle once more!

There will be pictures of the armies involved and the battle itself.