Sunday, 23 November 2014

Macedonians Continue.....

Some more units for the growing Macedonian army and also some additions that can be used to expand from the Persian Wars to the Successor period.

 First unit are the Hypaspists, these are based as Medium Foot Offensive Spear, for FOG they are the elite foot of the Alexandrian Army.  I also have the figures to do a battlegroup of Heavy Foot as well.
The staple of any Macedonian or Successor army the pike block phalanx.  This is the forth phalanx block i have done

 Cretan/Macedonian bow

 Greek bow

 Greek mercenary Thureophoroi, these are the heavy foot offensive spear (under FOG)
 These are the medium foot version.
It is thought the Greeks developed this troop type after fighting the Romans

Finally the 'wild bunch', mounted and foot Galatians.  These were used as allies or mercenaries for many Successor armies

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Macedonian Army

The pictures below are the figures that I have already painted and are sat in storage at home.  The additions I am painting up now should complete or nearly complete the army.
 Above we have Companions, Prodromoi and Greek light infantry.
The two pictures above show 3 pike blocks, a Greek Mercenary medium hoplite unit and the light infantry again.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Greek/Macedonian Army

 Ok to face all of those Persians we need the Macedonians or Greeks or both.
Again I have the starting of the army at home and these newly painted units add to them.
The first unit is the elite cavalry arm, the Companions.

Thessalonian Heavy Cavalry
 Greek allies or mercenary cavalry to look after the other flank.

Spartan Hoplites
 These can be used as they are or as allies/mercenaries.  I will be adding the shield decals once I get home, I forgot to bring them!

Spartan Hoplites

Two more battlegroups of Spartans, this bring me a total of 22 elements which will make me 3 battlegroups.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Commission Work FOW Russians

 Officers and Commissar to lead the brave men of the Soviet Union!

Officers and Commissar

Assault Engineers
 The assault engineers are the heavily armed assault troops of the Red Army that lead the way when taking on the stubborn defenses of the German Fatherland.

A group shot of what I have painted in this session. 28 elements of Assault Engineers, 8 elements of Ivans (infantry), 4 HMGs, 4 Medium Mortars and 6 commanders a total of 261 figures.

These are the latest part of a commisson given to me by a PAW club memeber Al.  He has amassed a very large WW2 Russian collection for both FOW and Bolt Action.

Group Shots

These are the additions to my Persian forces 4 battle groups of cavalry, 2 of light horse, 1 scythe chariot, 1 elephant, 1 of heavy foot, 2 of medium foot and 2 of skirmishers.  Plus 4 casualty markers.
There are also odds and sods that when added to what I have at home make up another 3 battlegroups of cavalry.  
to finish off the entire list I need 1 more elephant and chariot.

I will try and do a whole army shot when home.

Ancient Persian Additions

Guard Lancers
 Ok a group of pictures that show I have been busy painting whilst away.  
Above is a battle group of Guard Lancers which is a specific option under the FOG lists.

Persian Cavalry
 Persian Cavalry was a very large part of the time, I have full FOG complement of 10 battlegroups plus the optional Guard units
Persian Light Horse
 Swarms of Persian light horse would fill the field of battle sowing chaos amongst the enemy. 
Satrap Commanders
 Satraps and mercenary Greeks led the armies of Darius

Mixed Battlegroup
 The Persian Guard by this time had become smaller and added medium foot bow to their ranks.

Scythe Chariot
The 'fire and forget' weapon of the Persian Army......I have 3 and need 1 more to make up the two battle groups you can field.  They are nasty IF they can get in!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More Persian Cavalry

Persian Cavalry

Persian Light Horse

These are the last two complete mounted untis of my Persian army.  There are only a couple of stands to do and this project will be finished.
I have already started to add more figures to their opponents the Greeks and Macidonians.

Persian Cavalry

Persian Guard Lancers
Ok I am back at work and the painting train has started again.....
Here are the final few unit of my Persian army, only some odds and sods and command to go...

Friday, 29 August 2014

A Future Project

I love the look of Black Hat miniatures Martian Empires and have always wanted to it, may be a project for 2015??

This blog is a great inspiration

Has anyone else dipped in to this field?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

League of Augsburg......More cavalry

The last LoA addition for a while, running out of complete units to paint....But these are the French cavalry regiment Orlenes.  Quite standard for French cavalry of the period, light grey, reed trim....still nice though.
Pendraken please, please continue the range.....I love these armies!

Obviously they need a coat of matt varnish spray!

More Persians....

A unit of Persian empire foot, by FOG-A listings these are Hillmen, Medium Foot.  So they are 8 bases of 3 figures.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New Persians

New Persian cavalry unit, that takes me up to 8 battlegroups of the 10 I could use.  Also there is a Guard cavalry unit available, which I already have.

Casualty markers, I make these out of spare figures and could use these in many rule systems.  They do look nicer than dice everywhere!

League of Augsburg Unit

League of Augsburg, Alliance unit of dismounted dragoon.  This unit is Eppinger Dragoons or as they look little black blobs!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hot Off The Painting Table

You guest it more 10mm League of Augsburg and 15mm Ancient Persian!!!

First up French cavalry Regiment Prince Camille, I chose these as they are quite colourful with the pink trim, pink musician and red standard bearers!
 Again 10mm Pendraken figures, great minis!  To finish these off they need a coat of spray matt varnish.

 15mm Persians.....another unit added, the army now has 7 battle-groups of cavalry.

 These are Xyston minis and they suit this painting style, dry brushing, very well!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

!5mm Fantasy

These are older models, ones that i painted quite a few years ago but have never been under the lens.  The form part, of probably, my favorite fantasy army Chaos.

First up are the Dragon Ogres, two units, move as cavalry but can fight as infantry a very strong component.  The figures are GW Warmaster.

Chaos Familiars, no special ability but transformed followers of the chaos powers, but the variety does look good!
The figures are older GW Familiars.

Plague Bearers, these troops are capable of ranged attack using a poisoned dart/spray with they spit out of their mouth.  Meeting these in close combat can also be bad for your health as any bite is sure to get infected!
GW figures again, I do love getting these cheap and re-purposing them!

And finally, War Hounds.  Not strictly kept for the Chaos armies and not that effective on the field but can harass very well.
These are Warmaster figures.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Ok the latest off the painting table.....
First up the newest League of Augsburg regiment, a Dutch cavalry unit called Von Tengnal.  I get my inspiration from two blogs, The League of Augsburg and Don't Throw 1s, thanks guys

Next up are more units to bolster the Persians

Mercenary hoplites  

Mercenary light foot

The figures are Xyston, in fact the whole army is Xyston, i do tend to build armies from one miniature range.  The shield decals are from the great range supplied by Little Big Man