Tuesday, 29 December 2015

15mm Black Powder Napoleonics

Here are some commission pieces for a fellow club member.  Black Powder Napoleonics in 15mm, by far the best scale to use!
All the figures are Old Glory, I really do like their range and you get a bit of variety in each pack

Above are two pictures of the 'Black Brunswickers'.  These are painted for the 1815 campaign.  They are not as dark in real life as they look in the pictures.

French Line Lancers, these are based in pairs as light cavalry (a local convention at our club).  It does give a very quick way of telling the difference between lights and heavies.

And finally a large regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde.  I thought I would make theses a large unit to give them more presence on the field.

There are a few other units that I have done in this commission but no pictures yet.  My own Napoleonic collection is the allies of the Grande Armee'.  I chose this mixed bag to give me plenty of choice both with gaming and painting!  I have completed the Baden contingent of 6 infantry battalions, 1 jager battalion, 1 cavalry regiment and 2 foot batteries, a total of 156 infantry, 8 cavalry and 2 guns and crew.  I'll post some pictures once the basing is complete.

The next major contingent will be the Westphalians......

Monday, 12 October 2015

Kings of War

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to play with some toy soldiers!  Yes I actually played a game (at PAW).  Clive,(Dwarves) and I (Uruk Hai) played our first game of Kings of War, using their newly released 2nd edition.  
But being me I had to do it slightly differently so I used my 15mm fantasy armies.

It was a 4000pt, 2000pts each side, meeting engagement, the victor being the one who broke the others army by inflicting more than 50% casualties.

For our first game we missed a couple of rules and obviously made mistakes but we had a really enjoyable game played to completion in about 3 hours.

We will be playing again. 

Now for the pictures....

The battle lines, Dwarves on the left and Uruk Hai on the right.

 The centers close.

Large Dwarf Warmachine.

The center, although the Dwarves do look to have the upper hand in numbers....

The Uruk Hai left flank, two regiments of Warg riders with a giant ready to run down the Dwarf Berserkers and storm the village.

Heavy Dwarf plate advance...

Close up of the left Uruk Hai left wing.

Warg Riders!

Uruk Hai warbands, 3 regiments and a troop of archers.

Uruk Hai pike regiment.

Uruk Hai pike and giant clash with Dwarf Shieldbreakers and Warmachine. 

The Dwarf army are Demonworld figures, they are great! The Uruk Hai are Eureka, sold in the UK by Fighting15 and the giants are GW LotR Trolls, they are a perfect size fit for 15mm figures.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kyreanne Greek Commission

Well I have completed the ancient Kyreane Greek commission for one of the guys at the club.  I really enjoyed painting these Xyston figures.  I do love Xyston, they are fantastic sculpts and take the pigment very nicely......I don't even mind having to drill the hands for spears and glue on the shields, the final results are worth it.
In my humble opinion they are the best 15/18mm ancients on the market (although I do really like War and Empire by West Wind).

The final batch...the observant amongst you will see a lot of white shields and no basing?  I ran out of Little Big Man decals and decided to finish the basing once I was home.

One unit of Lancers, these are the only cavalry in the army.

A 12 element unit of  pike, this is a very big unit for a FOG A army.

The Generals, a CnC and 2 Sub Generals

Light Foot Javelin, one three light foot units covering bows and slings also.

The main bulk of the army, hoplites, hundreds of them!  I must admit they do look very impressive when fully deployed.

Monday, 5 October 2015

More French...I only have photos of two infantry regiments but I have painted an another two horse regiments but pictures will have to follow.

Below is Regiment Normandie, nothing special about this regiment just a sold unit.

And Regiment Crussoll, again a standard line regiment.

I still have 3 more foot and a couple of horse to complete.....I look forward to seeing all these guys on the table.

League of Augsburg, Alliance Troops

 First up is an English regiment, The Earl of Bath's Foote.  I chose this regiment as unlike most English foot they worn blue coats not red, I also used heavy pikemen, not sure if that is historical but I like the figure!

 My second English regiment, The Earl of Oxford's Horse.  This regiment was the only one in the English army equipped with cuirassier.  The history of the regiment is a little vague as to whether they ever wore the plates in battle but again I like the figures so they get a outing! Also they wore blue coats as opposed to the usual red.

The final alliance regiment in this batch is the Dutch Brancdenburg Regiment.  I believe they were recruited form the Dutch/German border and the illustartions I have seen give them an off-white or light grey coat.

To finish off the allies I have 1 more Dutch and 2 more English foot regiments plus 3 or 4 horse regiments.  That will give me 12 foot an 9 horse.

I'm Still Here!

It's been a while but I have not been lazy.  The painting table has been fully occupied and used.  I have painted a load more of 10mm League of Augsburg and finished of the 15mm Kyreane Greek commission.

I also managed to get a wargame in!  It is probably only the second one this year, it was Kings of War, 2nd edition using my 15mm fantasy collection.  I loved the game, my opponent and I were complete newbies to the rules and obviously made some mistakes but we picked it up quite quickly and had a very enjoyable game....I did take some pictures and will post later.  I also took the chance to take more pictures of my 15mm fantasy armies!  I love that scale for fantasy mass battle!

Next post will have pics!

Monday, 4 May 2015

28mm Napoleonic Saxons

Well some of the guys at PAW bought a ton of 28mm Napoleonic at out show in February, to play Black Poewder with.  I liked the look and thought I would give it a go..

Here is my first attempt at doing a Victorix 28mm figure form start to finish.

I was surprised how well the figure went together.  I used liquid plastic cement as apposed to super glue, it was recommended by a friend.

I decided to do something a little different and paint the figures as Saxons.  

I painted the figure in my normal way, base coat, block paint and then Army Painter Dark Tone.  the only concession was the flesh, I used an orange brown with a highlight of light flesh, I think it worked ok with the AP Tone.

Whilst I did enjoy painting the figure I am not sold on the project, typically I have bought about 100 foot figures and 2 artillery pieces lol.  I do think I will be returning to my first idea of doing Russia 1812 using Pendraken 10mm.  I prefer the idea of lots of regiments and hundreds of figures.....I know I am a megalomaniac! LOL

League of Augsburg, more French Infantry

Another French infantry regiment, Regiment Le Reine.  These are from Pendraken's fantastic 10mm range which are just stunning!

Next up for this project will be Dutch Brandenburg Regiment and a Garde Francis for the French.
I still have about 8 foot regiments, 7 horse regiments and about 6 artillery pieces to finish this project.  That is over 400 foot figures alone! lol

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Here is a selection of the Battlefront FOW US Infantry that I painted for one of the guys at PAW.  
I used the same painting method as the Russians, coloured primer, this time Army Painter Army Green, then paint the details.  Once dry I simply applied a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone....the final coat is a spray matt varnish.  I spray the varnish on once the basing is complete as it helps hold everything together.