Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wargames Butterfly!!

My names Bunny and I'm addicted to wargaming models lol!  And yes a self confessed wargames butterfly!

I've been eyeing these tiny 3mm miniatures for some time and finally took the plunge when I saw them at Salute this year!

They are made by Oddzial Osmy from Poland and sold in the UK by Fighting 15s and Magister Militum.

 So here they are, the tiny little pieces of metal.

 Soviet T64s, considering the size they minis are great!


 Base coated Army Painter Desert Yellow....

 Ok missed a section out, the dry brushing of a 'skull' buff colour.  But here is the model with a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone dip....

 So jumping a head......23 finished minis....a T64 tank company based in platoons and a BMP2 company alongside, HQ vehilces are individually based.  The 2 BMP2s are a Recce section.

 The BMP2 company....I'm really liking these minis and they are so easy to paint!

 T64 Company

 BMP2 Recce Section

And just to show how small these tanks really are, the figure is a 15mm.  They have such detail fofr such small figures.....

These companies will form part of my Middle East 'Imagi-nations' armies....I'm going to do a Republican Guard armoured brigade, with air mobile and air support.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15mm Fantasy Barbarians

Barbarians, riders of BIG Warbeasts and 'dino' beasts!

 I am sure these will be a fearsome sight for those on the opposite side of the battlefield!
 'Large Cavalry', these are dino riders, two warriors on each beast.   These are on large bases and will make great impact troops.
These figures are Schleich plastic dinosaurs and Xyston Gaul figures.

 Two Demonworld warbeasts....great miniatures and lovely to paint!

10mm Seven Year Wars

The final bits of my Austrians, the Senior Officers.

 The Mounted Army command for the Austrians

 Lovely little sculpts from Pendraken.

The real beginning of my Russians.  I started with 3 Hussar Regiments, they certainly are a colourful bunch!
 The Bolgarskiy Hussars, all yellow.

 Serbskiy Hussars, all blue.

 Gruzinskiy Hussars, a nice yellow and red combination.


 Lifeguard and Prince Fedoronvitch Cuirassiers.

 All Russian Cuirassier regiments wore identical uniforms, but they do look good in their buff coats.
 Russian line infantry in their summer uniforms, red coats and white gaiters.  Only the drummer is in full, green uniform.
Line Grenadiers, the same as musketeers but with mitre hats.

There are lots more Russians to come!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Austrian army list

Seven Years War Austrian

German Infantry

Hungarian Infantry



IR.3 Carl Lothringen

IR.2 Erzherzog Carl

Banal No.1

DR.1 Erzherzog Jospeh
IR.10 Jung-Wolfenbuttel

IR.31 Haller

Banal No.2

DR9. Prinz Savoyan
IR.12 Botta

IR. 37 Joseph Esterhazy


DR.13 Jung-Modena
IR.14 Salm

IR.53 Simbschen


DR.19 Hessen-Damstadt
IR. 18 Marschall


DR.31 Saint-Ignon
IR.22 Sprecher

German Combined Grenadiers

Warasdiner-Sankt Georger

DR.37 Kolowrat-Krakowski
IR.23 Baden-Baden


IR.27 Hessen-Kassel



Horse Grenadiers
IR.28 Wied


IR.29 Alt-Wolfenbuttel


KR.5 Infant von Portugal

IR.36 Browne


KR.8 Palffy

IR.38 de Ligne

KR.12 Serbelloni

IR.50 Harsch

Hungarian Combined Grenadiers

KR.18 Alt-Modena

HR.2 Ksaiser Franz


KR.22 Sachsen-Teschen

HR.12 Hadik


KR.25 Anhalt-Zerbst

HR.17 Kalnoky

KR.27 Benedik Daun

HR.30 Baranyay

KR.29 Bretlach

HR.34 Dessewffy

Kyreanne Greek Commission Work

The latest and possibly last addition to a commission army that painted for a member of Plymouth Association of Wargamers.

He gave me 12 four horse chariots to bolster his army.  I'm quite happy with the results.

The models themselves were Essex, which are ok but not my personal choice.  So I decided to keep the basics of the chariots but swap out the crew foe Xyston miniatures, which I used for the rest of the army.

Above and below are comparisons of the basic paint job, on the left and a WIP section which have been covered in Army painter Dark Tone (love that stuff!)

A big batch of shiny ancient 'tanks' lol 

 So the finished models, painted, Dark Tone washed, based and matt varnished...very happy!

Just a couple of psilo bases, they were needed to round off the list.

Seven Year War Austrians

Austrians completed.....My first Seven years War army.  All figures are the wonderful Pendraken which paint up very nicely.

The tally is 
13 'German' Infantry battalion
4 'Hungarian' Infantry battalions
5 'German' Combined Grenadier battalions
2 'Hingarian' Combined Grenadier battalions 
6 Grenzers battalions
8 Cuirassier Regiments
6 Dragoon Regiments
2 Combined Horse Grenadiers
5 Hussar Regiments
8 Artillery pieces

A few extra command bases will be done and I've already started on the Russians for my next army.....

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Italian Wars-More Pictures

Just some additional pictures of my first Impetvs bases.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Italian Wars-Impetvs Projects

Yes another new project.....well sort off.  I have just got into Impetvs rules, mainly through buying and reading the pike and shotte era Baroque rules.

I already have a preexisting Italian Wars collection so it was just a case of 'tarting' some of the figures up and re-basing (I hate basing!).

Below are the first trial bases.

The figures are mixture of Old Glory15s and Venaxia.
 In their original painted state

 The new all singing all dancing colourful paint scheme.

I drew insperation from the blog of James Roach,
James is to blame, I mean the inspiration for several of my larger projects.

 The finished bases of Gendarmes both fully armoured and the 'German' look of unarmoured horses.

I do know that Impetvs does not need separate generals but I will be making command bases so that I can use the armies for other rule sets and in my fantasy campaigns.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

War of The Roses-A new 'non' project

Ok in January I decided to start a  'non' project on a period I have liked for some time.  The final push for this project was getting a great deal on some second hand unpainted Peter Pig figures from Stuart at Colonel Bills (  As an aside Stuart is a great guy to do business with, both buying and selling.

Whilst at Beachhead 2017 I picked up some more figures from Peter Pig and this great little book by Peter Dennis.  Whilst this book is a self contained game using colour printed cut out armies I bought it as it has a great colour reference for painting! Oh and flags you can copy!

What you get inside, coloured figures and lots of standards.


Sorry picture upside down but you get the idea....

So some WIP units.  I am doing these as multi based units, I am a convert to the look of the single bases, you use fewer figures which means I can make bigger armies and they will fit in with several rule sets that I may use.  I have given up on DBM and FOG so why go with their basing convention.
Also these armies will do double duty as I can use them in my fantasy realms.

Obviously these figures are all Peter Pig and are great miniatures. 
I have used my, now usual style, of block painting and then applying Army Painter Dark Tone.  I really do like the look.

A group shot of the three bases I have done so far.  Two bow, 9 figures each and one of bill 10 figures.
The photos, taken on my IPhone make the blue look purple but trust me its blue.
These are all retinue troops bows painted as Somerset and bill are Edwards, I think.

Now this project will be a slow one as I will be doing the painting whilst at home rather than when away at work which is where I do the vast majority of my painting.

More to follow